I’m Tomika Snodgrass,

Certified Business Coach, Relationship Strategist,
Elite True Colors Facilitator, and Motivational Speaker.
Prioritize your relationship with your partner
Helping female executives & entrepreneurs spark joy & happiness in every area of their lives
Let me help you place your kids and family first
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Welcome, Gorgeous!

We help passionate women executives, business leaders, and entrepreneurs to build successful relationships and prosperous businesses without sacrificing their dreams, ambitions, and goals. Let me help you feel boldly confident and empowered so that you can live life joyfully, happily, and unapologetically, on your own terms.
Let’s do this!

The keys to building confidence and having the healthy, happy life you deserve are centered around these five important areas:

God & Faith

Put your faith, hope, and trust in God first and above all

Self Love & Care

Understand your needs and practice self-love and self-care

Love & Intimacy

Make time for attraction, romance, intimacy, and love

Work & Career

Add value to every effort and contribute your best to your profession

Family & Friends

Surround yourself with those who love and support you

A Few Words About
Tomika Snodgrass

Hi, I'm Tomika, CEO and Founder of Confident Heart Coach.

I work with passionate women executives, business leaders, and entrepreneurs to build successful relationships and prosperous businesses. My job is to empower them to spark joy and happiness in their lives without sacrificing their dreams, ambitions, and business goals.

This allows them to feel confident, self-assured, and free of stress, judgment, and guilt about their choices, which speaks to their desire to have a beautiful, loving family and an awesome career doing the meaningful work they love.

I believe women are extraordinary, multi-faceted, powerful beings capable of achieving greatness and ultimately having it all. That’s why I’m on a mission to help as many women as possible to follow their dreams and achieve their goals, both at home and at work.

Every woman deserves to have her cake and eat it too!

Are you ready to learn how you can have it all?

There is no need to wait. Let’s get started right now.

Find Out What Tomika

Has to Offer

A Passion for helping ambitious women to live joyful,
happy lives, on their own terms.

Let’s talk about helping you navigate the many dimensions of your life

Women wear many hats as wives, mothers, executives, and entrepreneurs. Nurturing and caring for everyone places thousands of expectations on us. The challenges and complexities of womanhood can often lead to stress and feelings of frustration. Are you overwhelmed with so many personal and professional obligations that you can barely keep your head on straight? Have you lost confidence in your ability to balance your life and achieve your goals? I can help.

Remarkable Success Stories

Just A Few Enlightened Customers

Tomika coached me through a season in my life in which I was experiencing increased anxiety around making a significant life change. She provided a safe space for me to talk through my fears and reservations. Her support and positive attitude were pivotal in gaining confidence and believing in myself and my abilities. Tomika is genuinely an exceptional Life Coach, and I would recommend her to anyone ready to step into the next phase of their life joyfully!

Kasey D.
Life Coaching Client

Tomika’s charismatic personality makes her the perfect Life Coach for me. She offers words of encouragement without passing judgment while sharing her own experiences and drawing on her natural ability to coach and mentor. She makes it easy for me to have an open dialogue with her.

During our coaching sessions, Tomika is fully engaged and provides the interaction I need to help me identify obstacles that keep me feeling stuck. She challenges my ability to focus on achieving my personal and professional goals. We work together. We create action plans and milestones to help me overcome those obstacles. The key to having successful coaching experiences is to do the work and hold myself accountable to follow our co-created plan.

Since I’m involved in developing my action plan, doing the work is easy for me. Working with Tomika keeps me focused on my goals, and most importantly, I find myself to be far more confident and less stressed. If you are seeking personal or professional growth, I highly recommend Tomika as your Life Coach.

Maria Z.
Life Coaching Client

Talking with Tomika is like talking directly to your soul. There is a safe space that is felt immediately with her. You will find that as you are talking, you are revealing things to yourself as much as you are sharing with her. You feel so deeply connected to her. With Tomika’s guidance, you will reach a deep personal understanding of yourself, and that is the place where transformation happens.

I think everybody deserves a life coach. However, Tomika is not just another coach. She is a gift that cannot be easily categorized. My coaching relationship with her is THE fundamental work in my life. It is the platform upon which I have confronted my energy drains, articulated my true desires, addressed some fears, and tapped into my body’s wisdom. She is a trusted partner in my adventure that is still unfolding. There is nobody else I want to trust in this role. In the short amount of time, I have been working with Tomika, I have been able to see the world in a whole new way!

Crystal C.
Crystal C.
Life Coaching Client

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