Learning to say sorry to your spouse is essential in any marriage.  As well-intentioned as you may be, there will be arguments, disappointments, hurt feelings, and broken promises, and you will feel terrible about hurting the one you love.  It can be hard to say sorry because of pride or not wanting to admit to being wrong.  An apology doesn’t need to be a battle or a power struggle.  We’re all human beings, and we will make mistakes from time to time.  Choose to own up to your mistakes, apologize from the heart, learn from the error, be better next time, and move on. 

If apologizing is a little difficult for you, here are a few creative ways that you can put your pride aside, be a better partner, and say I’m sorry.  

  1. Say it with lots of kisses.

If your spouse loves chocolate, make up a DIY candy bag, and use different candies to spell out the word ‘sorry’ on the outside of the bag.  Fill the bag with Hershey chocolate kisses and hand-deliver your gift as a pleasant surprise.  This gesture is an adorable way to apologize!

  1. Write your apology on colorful sticky notes.

Apologize to your partner using different messages written on colorful sticky notes and place the sticky notes all around the house where your spouse will find them.  Put them everywhere, like the bathroom mirror, in the refrigerator, on the television, in his shoes, or car.  You can use words like:  I’m sorry, oops I messed up, my bad, please forgive me, I suck, I didn’t mean it.  Make it a point to suck it up, buttercup!

  1. Bake his favorite cake

Homemade baked goods are always a winner.  If you’re not a baker, order a cake from a local bakery.  Decorate the cake, including a message that says, ‘I’m sorry 100 times.’  If you want to go over the top, add 100 candles for good measure.

  1. Serve him breakfast in bed.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  Surprise your husband by cooking his favorite breakfast and serve it to him in bed.  Be creative and turn up the heat by using strawberry syrup or whipped cream to write ‘I’m sorry’ on your body! 

  1. Make-up an apology song

Write an apology song that includes lyrics about why you’re sorry for what you did to hurt him.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a great writer or a singer.  It’s the thought that counts.  Sing from your heart. 

  1. Buy a special gift

Let him know how bad you feel by giving him a unique gift that is just for him to enjoy.  Think about his hobbies and buy him a gadget that you know he will love.  A bottle of his favorite cologne might be a nice gesture as well. 

  1. Send a text message

Send your husband a text message telling him that you’re sorry. Remind him of how much you love him.  Include a cute emoji or GIF to put a big smile on his face.   

  1. Share your gratitude

Let your spouse know that you didn’t mean to hurt him.  Tell him you’re sorry and let him know how grateful you are to have such a wonderful, kind, loving partner.  We all want to feel loved and appreciated, right?

  1. Do something nice for him.

If your husband is responsible for certain chores around the house, you can let him off the hook and do his chores for him.  Tell him that you’re so sorry for your mistake, and you would like to make it up to him.  Another idea is to surprise him by having his car washed and detailed for him. 

  1. Give him a cute teddy bear and a big bear hug.

Slide a little love note in the arms of a stuffed teddy bear and give your partner the cute little bear along with a great big bear hug.  Who can resist an adorable, fuzzy teddy bear?

Apologizing to your partner is not about you being wrong and him being right.  It’s about caring for each other enough to take responsibility for your part in the situation.  An argument takes two people.  Saying I’m sorry quickly and sincerely is a great way to end the fight, ease the tension and stress and get to the best of an argument, which is forgiving each other and making up.

I hope these ideas will help you to let go and end arguments with a sincere apology so you can keep your relationship healthy and happy.  Let me know which approach might work best for you.  If you have other creative ideas, please share them. 

Photos by Ashley Williams and cottonbro from Pexels

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