In the modern world, many women are rising as entrepreneurs, but do you know many of these women still face the challenges of closing sales and the business environment?

Although there are many positive aspects regarding the fact that more and more women are progressing in the business market, they must contend with a significant number of challenges.

While setting up any business or enterprise is not easy, being a woman in charge has its own problems and hurdles. In this article, we will shed light on the top 5 struggles women face with closing sales. 

1. Balancing Responsibilities:

Women must achieve an elusive balance between their work and personal lives as female entrepreneurs have a dual responsibility. On one side, they need to invest their total energy and motivation into their business.  

As the primary caregiver of her house, women emphasize being a responsible wife, mother, and daughter.  As a business owner and salesperson, women face many demands, including decision making, in-person meetings, presentations, sales calls, and business travel. Any one of the professional or personal commitments can place quite a demand on the others. At the same time, most women balance their work and personal life so efficiently that no one ever notices their stress and overwhelm.  

2. Fear of Failure:

Entrepreneurship is a bumpy ride with a lot of ups and downs and unforeseen circumstances. Whether it is a man or a woman, no one can succeed without experiencing failures in their business and learning something from them. Many entrepreneurial women have a deep-rooted fear of failure, which brings down their confidence and stops them from asking for business, closing sales, or engaging in activities that enable them to make continuous progress. This dangerous, toxic, feeling of dread can cause these women to fail even when they are near success or already having great success in their business. 

3. Psychological Barriers:

There is a psychological perception developed all around the business market that male-led companies are more successful than their female-led counterparts, which is false. Oftentimes the perception among investors and customers is that female entrepreneurs should not be taken seriously, and they are thought to be less competitive, which is completely false.  

During business meetings, women are often overlooked, ignored, and judged differently when pitching or closing sales. Potential investors and buyers underestimate the intelligence and perseverance of entrepreneurial women. They seem to believe women are only capable of making emotional decisions rather than practical ones, which is incorrect.  In fact, when women have a seat at the table and the opportunity to participate in decision making, better decisions are made, leading to greater success. 

4. Lack of Mentors, Sponsors, and Support:

Whether it is financial assistance or emotional support, most women entrepreneurs lack the support they need and they face many obstacles and challenges. Every entrepreneur and business leader needs the guidance and support of mentors and sponsors to help with running their business, especially with building relationships, making decisions, and closing sales. 

Unfortunately, women entrepreneurs and business leaders rarely receive adequate support equal to that of their male counterparts. When they do, it often comes at a hefty price.

5. An Environment of Ageism and Sexism:

Women know all too well the issues of age and gender inequality. These challenges restrict women entrepreneurs from making their own mark and contributions in the business world. Unfortunately, when it comes to establishing a business, people tend to value youth over experience.  

It is true that age is just a number and women are just as capable as men, however; female entrepreneurs and women in almost every industry are associated with running the household and raising families rather than leading businesses.  

More and more women are starting their own businesses and stepping into roles of leadership.  It is imperative that women empower and uplift each other to overcome these challenges.  


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