3 Easy Follow-up Communication Methods to Stay Top of Mind with Prospects

Did you know that follow-up is one of the keys to sales success?

It’s true! However, many business owners and sales professionals resist making follow-up calls to their prospects, oftentimes due to fear.

What if they say no again?
What if they don’t pick-up the phone?
What if they think I’m annoying?

It would be great if prospects always said yes when we ask for their business, but that’s not reality. There are many reasons why they may not be ready to decide on doing business with you right away. Does that mean you should throw in the towel and never contact them again? Of course not!

Follow-up communication with prospects and clients is an important step in the sales process that should not be overlooked or dismissed. The good news is there are a variety of ways to keep in touch with prospective clients without being salesy or irritating.

So, get creative and step out of your comfort zone to create a Follow-up Action Plan that includes a few different ways that you can stay in touch with your prospects. Choose communication methods that feel authentic to you and let your personality shine through so that your prospective clients can get to know you better. Also, be sure to implement methods that you can commit to on a consistent basis.

In this article, we will explain three easy communication methods to include in your Follow-up Action Plan to help you consistently reach out to your prospects so that you will stay relevant and top of mind.

3 Follow-up Communication Methods

1. Mail a personal handwritten note and include a copy of an article that you read recently that may help them with the challenges you discussed in the past. Imagine how special your prospective clients will feel when they receive a personal, handwritten note from you.

2. Email them a link to a video where you’ve shared useful tips that will benefit them.

3. Invite them to a free workshop or seminar that you’re hosting where the topic is something that will help them to solve their most pressing problem.

The whole idea is to continue to communicate with your prospects frequently and to add value by sharing useful information and additional resources. Focus on serving, building a meaningful relationship, and creating an exception customer service experience rather than making a sale. If you are consistent with outreach and follow-up, when your prospects are ready to buy, you will likely be the first person they will call.

If you need help creating your Follow-up Action Plan that will allow you to stay top of mind with your prospective clients so that you will have access to more leads, visit my website at tomikasnodgrass.com to schedule your 60-Minute Complimentary Consultation. I’d love to learn more about your journey and share how I will be able to help. Let’s talk about it!

Much love & peace,

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