Be The Person You Want To Be!

Our Coaching Methodology helps you to focus on achieving your goals in the most important areas of your life. 


Accept your faith in God as the source of your miracle-working power!


Love yourself first and foremost, so you can love and care for others.


Surround yourself with a supportive and loving tribe to enrich your life.


Avail yourself for intimacy and romance by igniting physical attraction.


Stretch yourself by investing in your personal and professional development.

You’ve got this! Let’s create the life you desire.

Learn How to Create
Your Best Relationship

What We Offer

Business and Relationship Coaching Through Multiple Methods

One-on-One Coaching

Whether you are single, a couple, or the whole family, we work together to co-create easily actionable steps that you can take right now to improve the quality of your personal and professional relationships.


We are teaching personal and professional skills needed to boost confidence and build healthy relationships centered around five essential areas: Spiritual Life, Self-Love & Care, Family & Friends, Intimacy, and Work-Life.

Speaking Engagements

We deliver messages of wisdom, hope, and inspiration ideal for Business Organizations, Professional Groups, and Churches to help women build confidence and develop thriving relationships that advance their careers.

Remarkable Success Stories

Just A Few Enlightened Customers

Tomika coached me through a season in my life in which I was experiencing increased anxiety around making a significant life change. She provided a safe space for me to talk through my fears and reservations. Her support and positive attitude were pivotal in gaining confidence and believing in myself and my abilities. Tomika is genuinely an exceptional Life Coach, and I would recommend her to anyone ready to step into the next phase of their life joyfully!

Kasey D.
Life Coaching Client




Tomika’s charismatic personality makes her the perfect Life Coach for me. She offers words of encouragement without passing judgment while sharing her own experiences and drawing on her natural ability to coach and mentor. She makes it easy for me to have an open dialogue with her.

During our coaching sessions, Tomika is fully engaged and provides the interaction I need to help me identify obstacles that keep me feeling stuck. She challenges my ability to focus on achieving my personal and professional goals. We work together. We create action plans and milestones to help me overcome those obstacles. The key to having successful coaching experiences is to do the work and hold myself accountable to follow our co-created plan.

Since I’m involved in developing my action plan, doing the work is easy for me. Working with Tomika keeps me focused on my goals, and most importantly, I find myself to be far more confident and less stressed. If you are seeking personal or professional growth, I highly recommend Tomika as your Life Coach.

Maria Z.
Life Coaching Client




Talking with Tomika is like talking directly to your soul. There is a safe space that is felt immediately with her. You will find that as you are talking, you are revealing things to yourself as much as you are sharing with her. You feel so deeply connected to her. With Tomika’s guidance, you will reach a deep personal understanding of yourself, and that is the place where transformation happens.

I think everybody deserves a life coach. However, Tomika is not just another coach. She is a gift that cannot be easily categorized. My coaching relationship with her is THE fundamental work in my life. It is the platform upon which I have confronted my energy drains, articulated my true desires, addressed some fears, and tapped into my body’s wisdom. She is a trusted partner in my adventure that is still unfolding. There is nobody else I want to trust in this role. In the short amount of time, I have been working with Tomika, I have been able to see the world in a whole new way!

Crystal C. Crystal C.
Life Coaching Client




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